Inspired by nature - The new dimension of hygenization

… for you as a B2B hygiene partner

Distribution of APURO hygiene products (or whitelabel / private label - developments from our company) via hygiene wholesale and retail, food retail and wholesale, online platforms and wherever the great demand for IHO and VAH certified disinfectants on a nature-identical basis has been recognised.

Examples of ideas:

  • As a manufacturer of sunbeds you or your customers are looking for a consumable (possibly under your own label?) for line extension, which generates sales every time you use a sunbed -> A10³ DES as disinfectant spray after each use instead of conventional chemicals
  • As a supplier for car conditioners you would like to enable your customers to neutralise odour sources and infection risks in cars as quickly as possible -> A10³ DES can be easily sprayed or even nebulised in the car ...

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