The Microbiom² process - a 2-step system conquers surfaces and rooms!

APURO, in cooperation with the Saarland Institute for Microbiom Care "SaarBIOM" (developer of novel microbiomics products for internal and external microbiom modulation), has developed a 2-step process for the creation of life-friendly rooms and surfaces. In a few words, this procedure looks like this:

With APURO, rooms and surfaces are freed from pathogenic germs by disinfection and with microbiome-active products on a probiotic basis, the surfaces are positively colonised/occupied with life-promoting probiotics.

This prevents pathogenic germs from reoccupying the surfaces and rooms that have just been freed by disinfection and makes nature its ally. The aim is to reverse the hygiene damage of the last 100 years. By thoughtlessly eliminating even the probiotics necessary for our survival and damaging the microbiomes in us and around us, we have created a hostile field in which pathogenic germs can spread well, multi-resistant germs develop and a large number of people and animals develop allergies, are immunocompromised and suffer from a completely false idea of optimal hygiene …

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