You can achieve a lot with strong and innovation-oriented partners

Our products and product developments are worked out in cooperation with absolute specialists, examined in tests and brought to approval.

Our benchmark for PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTS future-proof and sustainable

Our development department works according to a sustainable and future-oriented credo:

  • We use approved active ingredients!
  • The concentrations of active ingredients used in our products are as low as possible and only as high as necessary!
  • Our products go through important certification processes (e.g. IHO/Food and VAH/Healthcare)!
  • The active ingredients used by us should be as nature-identical as possible!
  • A proven effectiveness against germs such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores is a basic requirement!
  • In our research, development and production we do without animal testing!
  • We design products that are as free from labelling as possible!
  • The products should also be able to be used in the direct environment of humans and animals!
  • By means of intelligent recipes, we design products that do not lead to the development of resistance.

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